Cornerstone Church Nashville

Cornerstone Church Nashville

Cornerstone Church Nashville

The Cornerstone Church Nashville is a wonderful church that gives so much to many people across the world. This church is known for providing the members both spiritual knowledge as well as entertainment. With all it has to offer, the church is getting more famous day by day. This church is very connected with the community and has become the most popular church in Nashville. With its beautiful architecture, decoration, and speeches, the church provides a divine experience for members and attendees. The church also has an indoor playground, which attracts many children and makes them excited for church services.

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Where is the Indoor Playscape Located?

You have to drive towards the main entrance facing the church, and once you reach the entrance, just move to the right side where parking is available. And under the covered drive, you can find the small space close to the glass doors. You can find the main lobby at the left side of the church.

You must walk around the church on the right side of the entrance. Escalators are available to the new children’s area, which you’ll find behind the church building. If you have a stroller, there are elevators just behind the main lobby near the welcome desk. You’ll also find the Red Bicycle coffee shop near the elevators.

Once you are at the Playscape, you can find the stairs to the Cornerstone kids’ area and check in. This one of a kind, five level kid’s paradise will provide lots of fun. Since there is no age limit on this playground, even moms can get into the fun and enjoy the large climbing structure with their children.

Is the Playscape Open on Weekends?

People can enjoy this church during normal working days, but the Playscape remains closed during public holidays and weekends. Normal working hours are 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM or 3:00 PM.

What Other Attractions Can Be Found at this Church?

The church is also home to a popular food and coffee shop that serves delicious food. This tasty food and amazing coffee also brings people together to chat and get to know each other. This church brings in people from all spiritual sides. Everyone wants to try the activities in the church because they’ve heard something good about them. The worship services provided by the church are for children and adults.

Events at Cornerstone Church in Nashville

The events that are held in Cornerstone Church Nashville are generally for Christmas and Good Friday. However, other there are other events and gatherings that take place here as well, such as birthday parties that are held in the Playscape area. Members who pay a rental fee are allowed to celebrate their birthdays here. Since there is also a large space on the church campus, large events can be held here too.

The Goal of the Cornerstone Church

The main goal of the Cornerstone Church is to spread the divine power and love of God, which is done through divine music, speech, and prayer. The Cornerstone Church welcomes everyone to come enjoy the spiritual talks by Pastor Davis.


Cornerstone Church

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