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The Top Benefits of Attending Church

Life never slows down. Most people have busy schedules and demanding careers. Between work, taking kids to school, extracurricular activities, cooking, running errands, and keeping a household together, time is of the essence nowadays. If you are like most people, you probably can’t wait for the weekend to arrive so you can unwind and have fun.

The world is becoming busier and busier, and people are not attending church like they once did. Religion and church sometimes gets put on the backburner, even though people call themselves believers.

No matter how much life throws at us, church is a great place to go. Although getting the family up and ready for church may seem like more work added to your already jam packed schedule, there are undeniable benefits and reasons you should attend more often.

  1. Church anchors us.

Our kids nowadays are flooded with technology, materialism, and questionable media messages they receive every waking day. In many families, religion takes a backseat to everyday distractions. However, by setting aside a few hours each weekend to go to church as a family, you’ll find that it will give you the balance and positivity you need in life. This is great for children, as it helps them get closer to God, learn morals, as well as strengthen their spiritual beliefs. See, church keeps us anchored.

  1. We gain spiritual strength.

Some people argue the point of attending church. They think they can be close to God from anywhere and at any time. Or maybe they think Sunday mornings are to be spent lying in bed eating breakfast and watching cartoons with the kids. While those relaxing activities are great after a long week, attending church gives us much more than that. Singing the hymns, praying, and participating in the services gives us spiritual strength that we can’t get by sitting in bed. This strength is especially important for your children, as it will help them have a stronger bond with God.

  1. Churches provide fellowship.

Life doesn’t always go as we plan. And when life throws us a curveball, it’s nice to have a church to lean on for support. The encouragement and love you will receive from attending church will enrich your life and give you a true sense of belonging.

Many church members lend other members a helping hand in times of need. They may provide meals, help members get jobs, or just offer a lending ear to someone in need. Many churches also have youth groups for children to be involved.

  1. Church gives us an opportunity to serve.

Jesus has taught us to love our neighbors just like we love ourselves. But because of our busy lives, sometimes we miss the opportunity to help others. When you attend church you gain the opportunity to help your extended family. The church provides you with many opportunities to serve and even help the community. These services will teach you and your children unselfishness, compassion, and what it truly means to help others.

  1. We get to know God better.

Of course the best prize of attending church is growing closer to God. Learning about him and his commandments and teachings makes us better people. When you attend church you can just feel his love all around you, which will make you happier from the inside out.

Find a church that aligns with your beliefs and values and attend regularly. Strengthen your children and instill morals by attending church with them each week. Add peace to your family’s life by visiting Cornerstone Church.