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Cornerstone Church in Nashville Teaches You How to Start Reading the Bible

cornerstone church nashvilleWhat great news! You want to learn about God.  It’s a noble goal to learn more about God, and it’s something everyone should strive to do.  Perhaps you made a turning point in your life or you had a spiritual epiphany and now you want to become a follower of God and want to learn his word.

Whatever the reason, we couldn’t be happier that you want to learn more about God.  To help you on your spiritual journey, we’re going to teach you how to read the Bible and stick to it.

  1. Find a Time That Works for You

You need to make reading the Bible a priority in your life, just like do with many other things in your everyday life.  Just like you schedule time out of your day to work out, spend time with friends, or simply relax, you need to schedule time for your devotional reading.  It is more important to devote time to the Bible than it is to the latest TV show.  After all, you will learn more from God than you will from anything else in life.

  1. Pick a Place That Is Comfortable

In order to stick to a routine, it must be comfortable.  If you want to start reading the Bible, you must ensure that the place you read is comfortable and cozy.  Whether that means reading on your recliner as you sip on your coffee or on your patio as the sun sets, find a meeting place with God that is comfortable and allows you to take in all his words without any distractions.

  1. Find an Accountable Partner

When you start a new habit, it’s best to have a partner who encourages you and supports you along the way.  Just like you have a gym buddy, why not find a Bible buddy?  This will ensure that you stick to your appointment with God.

  1. Tell Others about It

The whole purpose in learning the word of God is to spread it.  Let your Bible study group, spouse, or best friend know that you’re trying to learn more about God.  It will make you feel more devoted and accomplished as you spread the word of God to others in your life.

  1. Never Miss a Day

This might not be feasible, especially with today’s busy schedules and demanding careers.  But you should try your best never to miss a day.  Whether it means getting up a few minutes earlier or staying up a little later, make sure you get your daily reading time every day.

  1. Reward Yourself

Learning about God is a reward in itself, so that right there gives you so much.  But to keep yourself motivated, at the end of a 7-day reading week, reward yourself with something just for you.  Whether it’s a delicious cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop or a tasty dessert, you deserve it.  Do this every week and you’ll be more motivated to learn about God and feel proud of your devotion to doing so.  In no time at all, reading the Bible will become a part of your daily life.