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The Real Reasons You Need Church in Your Life

It’s time to let go of all the excuses as to why you cannot go to church this Sunday.  It’s time to start going regularly.  Today, the Cornerstone Church in Nashville will show you why you need church in your life.

I’m too busy to go.  I will try to go this upcoming Sunday, but don’t hold me to it.  I can’t stand the crowds at the church.  The sermons last too long.  I want to spend the day in bed doing nothing.  These are just a few common excuses people have as to why they cannot attend church.  We want you to put those excuses aside and start becoming a regular at church.  Here are the real reasons you need church in your life.

the cornerstone church nashville

You learn spiritual lessons that you cannot learn on your own.

Attending church will teach you many spiritual lessons you would never be able to learn on your own.  You will learn lessons of faith, patience, love, and gratitude, and you’ll learn them by interacting with others.  You cannot learn these things without attending church.

Church is a great place where lessons are learned and lives are transformed.

You’ll connect with other believers.  

Church is a wonderful place where you’ll connect with other fellowship believers.  Sunday church attracts a lot of people who have the same beliefs as you.  It gives you the place and opportunity to connect and interact with like-minded people.

The relationship you’ll have with other church attendees is genuine.  Everyone gathering is there to receive the message of God and to gain a better understanding of his words.

It increases your knowledge of his word.

Attending church on a regular basis can increase your knowledge of the word of God.  By attending church on Sundays, you’ll receive a fresh perspective on the Bible stories.  It can also provide you with a new starting point to develop your faith.

It provides you with a safe & welcoming place.

For those who aren’t lucky enough to have a family, or those who have been struck by poverty, church is a place to receive hope and help.  Churches, like Cornerstone Church in Nashville, help communities by organizing many events to help those in need.  It is an environment made by people to help people.  Everyone who attends to worship God is welcome and will instantly gain a family.  The Cornerstone Church in Nashville even hosts events to help children in the community with new school supplies and book bags.

It teaches you love.

Church is a wonderful place where you can learn to love people.  The church is a place where multitudes of people are encouraged to love each other under God’s roof.

It gives you strength during difficult times.

Many people don’t like to attend church because they don’t think they’re getting anything out of it.  But church is a great place to receive spiritual strength, especially if you’re going through a hard time.  The spiritual strength you receive at church will help you overcome any obstacle life brings your way.